And so, the journey begins…

And so, the journey begins…

Welcome to my new blog, I’m glad that you are here.  Why am I writing this blog, you ask? The simple answer is – I’m not sure.  I want to work on my writing skills, and this is a good way to practice and get feedback.  I want to find out what I think about things.  The best way to collect your thoughts is to express them.  I want to share my love of reading with you.  The world of ideas that books can open up to you is invaluable.  Lastly, I want to believe that I have something interesting to say.  You – Constant Reader – will be the judge of that.

What are we going to talk about, you ask?  Well – we’re going to talk about the books that I am reading, and what I think about them.  We will also be talking some about the music I’m listening to.  (I don’t discover new music as much as I used to, but sometimes even rediscovering a great album from your youth can be just as rewarding.)  We’ll also probably talk a bit about politics and pop culture – two of my favorite pastimes.

I hope you’ll let me know if you like what I have to say. I also hope that you’ll let me know if you don’t like what I have to say. That is, until you begin to crush my hopes and dreams – I have to draw the line there.

So, welcome to the journey.  It should be a grand experiment and I hope that you have fun along the way.  More importantly, I hope we both learn something.   I’m pretty sure that I can come up with something to talk about every day. The real question is – can I find anyone who wants to listen?

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