American Idol: I may have found my “moment”

American Idol: I may have found my “moment”

I said yesterday, and last week as well, that I have not been as emotional invested in the contestants this year on Idol. I wanted to have a “moment” last night and I didn’t. Well, tonight I finally felt that connection that I have been looking for all season. The funny thing was – it came in the elimination show, not the performance show. Who did I connect with? It might not be who you think.

Tonight’s results show focus on the contestants’ trips home last week. As I mentioned in my last post, I was underwhelmed by the reception they showed for each of the Idols, as they received news of their song choices for this week. Well – it was clear from tonight’s clips that the Lee, Crystal, and Casey are indeed very popular in their hometowns after all.

First up was Casey. Right off the bat I have to say this – the fact that he is from Cool, TX. could not be any more right, if the producers had written it. While watching the clips of his visit home I was struck by the fact that he seems to be a genuinely good person. His trip to the hospital to thank that doctors that saved his life was very heartfelt and moving. I appreciated that glimpse in to a little of who he is.

Next up was Crystal. Here’s what I love about her – on one level she is this cool, collected, out to please no one but herself, indie chick. On another level, though, she is this fun, happy, caring person, who truly seems to be having fun with the entire Idol experience. To have that type of balance is a rare thing. I also love the fact that they used one of her original songs in the clip, and you could see just how moved she was to hear her own music, being played back on the big stage. I found that I respect her even more after seeing that.

Last, but not least, was Lee. While all of the trips home were moving, I thought that Lee seemed to be the most emotional impacted by the experience. You could see the magnitude of how his life is changing, taking root in his experience of the day. The true emotion that he showed, they joy that he had playing for the crowd, while his parents looked on – all of those things may actually win this competition for him.

As for the rest of the show, we only had two performances tonight. The first was from Travis Garland. Ryan introduced him as being discovered by Perez Hilton. As soon as I heard that – I almost dislocated my thumb pressing the fast forward button on the Tivo remote. The second performance was from Justin Beiber. Since I am not an 8-12 year old girl, I also felt safe in fast forwarding through his performance as well (although it looks like he might have a bit of drumming skill – who knew?).

On to the results. Lee was the first contestant in the finals, followed shortly (and without much drama at all from Ryan) by Crystal Bowersox. That left Casey on the outside looking in – although I’m sure he’s in line for a record deal over the summer. He took the stage and performed “Daughters” again – and at that point, I finally felt he had a “moment”. He went over to his family and picked up a little girl who I assume is his niece.  He then sat with her on the mini stage and sang the balance of the song. Was it planned – perhaps? Was it still moving – absolutely. I realized that – even though the talent this year may not be up to prior seasons, they have still found good people.  People that seem to be genuinely humbled and appreciative for the opportunity that is American Idol. Have I been tough on their singing? Yes. But tonight I took the time to look at them as people – and found that they show was everything that I wanted it to be.

So that’s it – you final two is Crystal and Lee. Who will win? Hard to tell. It should be an interesting show next week. I’m anxious to see what they perform, and who we get for guest artists on the results show. I said it in my last post, and I’ll say it again – Lee could very well win the whole thing. After tonight, and even though I’m a big fan of Crystal, I don’t think I would mind.

See you next week at the finale!

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  1. I just found this article today, some sixteen months after you wrote it. I hope you’ve been following Casey James since American Idol. I think you’ll find out that your prediction as well as your assessment of him was right on. Take a listen to some of his new music at my blog and leave a comment! Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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