My first thoughts on the final “Lost”

My first thoughts on the final “Lost”

“Lost” – Pilot
We see Jack, alone, lying in a bamboo forest. We see a close-up of his eye, flying open, pupil dilating, drawing us into his world. As he became aware of his surroundings, he heard a noise in the brush. Suddenly, a dog (Vincent) bursts from the trees, heading towards Jack. As Vincent nears Jack he whimpers, bounds for the forest, and quickly disappears. It’s almost as if he is afraid of Jack, or feels that something is wrong. They say that dogs are a good judge of character.

To appreciate where you are, you have to appreciate where you have been. We’ve been to a lot of places with the castaways from “Lost” – now we are at the end. I’ve had a day to absorb the finale, and consider where we started. I have to say – I loved it – the entire thing. This was exactly the end that “Lost” should have had. It moved me in a way few films or television shows have and, more importantly, it really made me think.

There will be endless debate about which questions where answered and which were not. There will be layer upon layer of meaning “discovered”, trying to explain the paradoxes created and narrative yarns left entangled. It’s tempting to chase those clues down the rabbit hole – but I want to look at the heart of tale – the source laying at the center of this island that is “Lost” – the people.

As much as I wanted answers, the thing I found myself wanting even more was closure. I wanted the last six seasons to stand for something. I wanted this journey we have all been on, to matter. Yes, I wanted answers, but more than that, I wanted to know that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley – everyone – had found what they were looking for. I wanted to know that they were all right. I wanted to know that they were no longer lost.

To me, the central tenet of the show has always been this – redemption is possible. Last night, that tenet was paid in full. Benjamin Linus was one of the best villains ever created. Still – you were always left wondering if he might find his way back to the light. To witness he and Locke talking outside of the church – Locke offering Ben his forgiveness, Ben urging Locke to stand up and walk – was a powerfully moving moment. To then have Ben decline to join the others in the church because he “still had a few things to work on” was a subtle, yet effective way of reminding us that, while redemption is available to everyone – it’s never free – and it has to be earned in its own time.

For the castaways, the path to redemption was found not only within themselves, but also in the relationships they found on the island. Those choices they made, those bonds they formed, that time they spent together – it all mattered. Sun and Jin took a loveless marriage and found a way to reconnect. Sawyer and Juliet found a way to let go of the past and allow themselves to feel a love that neither thought they would ever be worthy of. Charlie and Claire both found a way to take responsibility for their lives and realized that sometimes there were things bigger than themselves. Jack and Kate found a way to accept that there was a time to take responsibility, but there was also a time to let go. Hurley, Locke, Desmond, Sayid – they all managed to find what they were looking for – not on the island – but within themselves and those around them.

So what am I left with after last night’s finale? I think that redemption is ours for the taking, if we can willingly accept it. I think that people and relationships matter. We are, in so many ways, defined by the people we know, the friendships we forge, the relationships that we chose, the love that we find. Those are the things that matter. Claire and Charlie being together matters. Sawyer and Juliet being together matters. Locke forgiving Ben matters. Sun and Jin being together matters. Jack and Kate being together matters.

In the end, “Lost” was not about smoke monsters, polar bears, time travel, or pushing a button. In the end, it was about a simple truth; it’s the people we care about the most that lead us to redemption – and the people we care about the most; they are with us in the end.

“Lost” – Finale
We see Jack, stumbling through a bamboo forest. As he falls to the ground, he sees the plane carrying his friends, his love, flying overhead. Though mortally wounded, Jack is at peace. Suddenly, a dog (Vincent) bursts from the trees, heading towards Jack. As he approaches, he lies down beside Jack, watching over him, bearing witness to the end. We see a close-up of Jack’s eye as it closes. They say that dogs are a good judge of character.

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  1. Mitch,
    Where is your lost finale review? My son and I watched all the seasons (finally) and I went straight to your finale but could not find your thoughts. It has disappeared Brotha.

    Your friend,

  2. I had a problem with formatting when we switched over to the new site design. It’s all been corrected now and the article should be readable once again. Thanks for the heads up!

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