Review – “The Great Global Warming Blunder” by Roy W. Spencer

Review – “The Great Global Warming Blunder” by Roy W. Spencer

Whether you are a believer in man-made climate change, or a skeptic, Roy Spencer presents some intriguing questions in “The Great Global Warming Blunder”. Chief among them – is man really the only explanation for the changes we have seen in the climate over the last 100 years? The real question, however, – and the reason he wrote the book in the first place – is will the scientific “establishment” give his research a fair hearing?

Spencer fully lays out his research and theories in the book. He’s clearly a scientist, not a writer; but what he lacks in style, he makes up for in substance. At its core this book asks a question so elegantly simple that it’s hard to believe it’s never truly been explored before. A question that goes to one of the basic tenets held by most man-made climate change evangelists on the cause and effect nature of temperature change and clouds. How do we know that global warming is causing fewer clouds, rather than fewer clouds causing the global warming?

Think about that for a moment. Spencer postulates that the increase and decrease in cloud cover is not a reaction to the changes in temperature; rather they are contributing factors to the change in the first place. By taking that in to account, his models show that the earth’s climate is rather insensitive to man’s CO2 emissions. Instead, what he sees is a global climate that is mostly indifferent to man. One that responds more to global variations in cloud cover as driven by things like the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), El Nino, and La Nina. As he puts it in the book – Earth’s climate “does not particularly care how much we drive SUVs or how much coal we burn for electricity”.

Spencer’s theory will not be without detractors – and that’s okay. All Spencer is really after is a fair hearing in the scientific community, and an objective testing of his research. All too often, however, the global climate change debate has been charged with politics and decisions based on faith, instead of fact. (In fact, British courts recently held that environmental beliefs have the same weight under the law as religious beliefs). We owe it to ourselves to look at all possible explanations for climate change. After all, there have been demonstrable changes in our climate for thousands of years – long before man industrialized. To think that we are the only explanation for what we see now, smacks of hubris.

Read the book and take an objective view of the science Spencer presents. It’s a compelling case. Ask yourself – does the data support what Spencer is claiming? Is Man truly to blame for global warming? Most importantly – make up your mind for yourself. Don’t just accept manmade global warming because there is a “consensus”. Ask questions. Gather information. After all – there used to be a consensus that the Earth was an immovable object at the center of the Universe – until Copernicus showed that it wasn’t. That consensus was vigorously defended by the establishment of the day, and played into Man’s ego and belief about his place in the cosmos. Sound familiar?

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