American Idol: Season 10, Episode 7 – “Just because someone farts, let them finish singing, OK?”

American Idol: Season 10, Episode 7 – “Just because someone farts, let them finish singing, OK?”

Tonight marked the last night of auditions before Hollywood Week.  San Francisco was the city, and the promos promised some of the best voices and best stories of the entire season.  After last week’s less than stellar showing in Los Angeles, could California redeem itself with the talent in San Francisco?

That would have to wait to be seen – we had an opening to watch, and what an opening it was.  As much as I have loved Steven this year, tonight’s opening might have been the best of them all.  The camera followed a heartbroken young woman out in the parking lot; distraught about telling her mother she didn’t make it past the audition.  When asked if she had any message for the judges she said something so profound, so insightful, I was stunned into speechlessness.  “Just because someone farts, let them finish singing, okay?”  Yeah – not making the show is what she should be concerned about telling her mom…

  • Inessa Lee – If Nadia Comaneci had been a stripper, she would have been Inessa Lee.  Billing herself as part Shakira, part early Madonna, and part Katy Perry – she started off her audition with a belly dancing and yoga exhibition.  That was the highpoint – it was all down hill from there.  Her singing was not good.  Not good at all.  Her Betty Boop impersonation was far better – but still not enough to save her.  Once she was rejected, she had no interest in talking with Ryan.  She only wanted to collect her uncomfortably old husband and exit the building.  My daughter’s verdict – “Momma, I think she should go home”.  I wonder if you have to be over 18 to watch her videos on YouTube?
  • So they put the contestants at the ballpark outside and they were dive bombed with seagull poop.  They played “I Ran”.  Flock of Seagulls song for the flock of seagulls.  Get it?  Get It?  Subtlety is not their strong suit.
  • Up next was a montage of talented singers from the Bay area.  Brittany Mazur had a strong, edgy voice that I didn’t expect when I first saw her.  Lara Johnston wore her best Dorothy outfit and added another strong female voice to the show – with a sideways groove to it that really worked.  Matthew Nuss had a good pop voice, but I won’t remember him in two hours.
  • Stefano Langone – Stefano had an inspiring story of surviving a near fatal accident.  He worked hard to get back on his feet and back to making music.  He sang “Heard It Through the Grapevine” and sang it well.  His voice was clear and soulful – the kind of current pop voice that could do well in the competition (what Randy called “having a little hood up in there”).  A good looking guy with a strong voice – Stefano may be one to watch.
  • Clint Jun Gamboa – Clint was a Karaoke host with a dream and his audition went well.  He had a clear tone to his voice, with a touch of soul.  I could have done without his posturing and posing – but I guess he thought he was being cool.   (By the way Clint – the Minions called and they want their goggles back.)
  • Here we go – it’s “nickname that terrible singer” time (or as my son said – “Yay, crazy people!).  We started out with Monkey Boy (although, honestly, that one was just too easy – what with the monkey make-up and all.)  Next up was Slurring Singer Guy, followed by Transformer Guy (or perhaps “Can’t Find A Date So I’ll Build An Autobot Costume Guy” if you prefer).  It was great to see Steven tell Transformer guy he liked his voice – and then add – “joking”.  Nice touch.
  • A quick segment about girls from California.  Three of them made it through – but weren’t graced with the honor of having their names shown on screen.  So, I will say – congratulations to you, nameless girls from California, on making it to Hollywood…California.
  • Julie Zorilla – Julie’s story was good, but not great.  Her parents fled Columbia in the 90’s to escape the violence there.  Now she found herself at the Idol auditions on her 20th birthday.  Her shoes impressed the judges, but what about her voice?  When she started singing “Summertime”, I thought I was going to hate it.  She was doing far too many vocal gymnastics with the song; they only got in the way of the melody.  Then she hit a brilliant, throwaway high note on “cotton”, and I was sold.  That one note showed her potential.  I just hope she learns to use those flourishes sparingly, and in the right places, so they all have the same effect that one note did.
  • I thought Dave Combs was going to give us a real rocker to follow at first (he opened by telling the judges – “Real men have long hair”).  Instead, he crashed and burned on “Oh Darling” by the Beatles – and Steven decided to take offense to it. He was shown the door in very short order.  What then followed was a Steven Tyler rampage.  Rick Deschamp (Porkpie Hat Guy) – “Dude, did you hit your head on the way in here?”  David Johnstone (Not Quite Spin Doctors Guy) – “Dude you’re in.  Really?  Absolutely not.”  Sabrina Corbett (Clueless Police Officer Girl) – “You ought to be arrested for that voice.  Do you have handcuffs?’  It was not a good afternoon for Steven.
  • Emily Anne Reed – I could tell from the moment Emily starting talking, I was going to like her voice.  Sometimes you just hear a quality in someone’s speaking voice and you know it is going to translate to his or her singing voice.  Emily had it.   Her singing voice was incredibly unique and quirky.  It had an old soul quality with just enough intrigue to be relevant and interesting today.  Steven said no, Randy said yes – Jennifer was the deciding vote.  Want to guess if she made it or not?  Of course she did – every split vote shown this year has made it.  As she got ready to leave, she played a little guitar and sang again – and I think she might have changed Steven’s mind.  Let’s just hope if she makes it past Hollywood, she brings more to the table than the last “quirky” singer – Kristy Lee Cook.  Can we agree on no bird noises right here, right now?
  • James Durbin – It was time for the last contestant of the night, indeed the last audition of the season, before Hollywood Week.  Having been built up all show as “the voice we’ve been waiting for”, I wasn’t sure what to expect from James.  His story was touching.  His father was a musician who died from a drug overdose when James was only nine.  They then found out James suffered from Turret’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome.  He had a tough time growing up, but turned it around when he met Heidi.  She’s encouraged him to believe in himself, and when they had a son, it changed his life.  Now, he was auditioning for the chance to change all of their lives.  And he could sing – really, really sing.  He had a strong, powerful, and confident voice with amazing range.  It will be tempting for many to make an immediate comparison to Adam Lambert.  I hope they resist that urge and I hope James is able to be his own person through this process.  As he exited the audition room, his sister told him – “Daddy would have been so proud of you”.  So will his son.

And that, my friends, wrapped up the auditions for this year.  All that was left was a quick video montage – phenomenal auditions, Steven Tyler’s wisdom, talented singers, human train wrecks, and – of course – Epic Backflip Fail guy, Tim Willy.  It’s been a fun ride so far, and we are only just getting started.

Tomorrow night starts Hollywood Week – where some dreams are realized and others are crushed.  Will we see our “favorites” make it through to the live shows?  Will we see the drama and intrigue that is the group number?  Will we see endless footage of people crying and begging for just one more chance?  We’ll have to tune in tomorrow night to find out.  Until then – Word Zombie out.

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  1. Very fair review of the contestants. Stefano joins Rob Bolin as my two favorites. I agree about Emily Anne Reid and think her voice will wear on people. She’s also not as hot as Kristy Lee Cook! Lastly, James Durbin needs to find a way to stop crying, because that will make me vote for everyone else just to not see/hear a man whimper incessantly.

  2. This line at the beginning “Just because somebody farts, let them finish singing” was sooooo bad acting! LOL!! Come on people. It had the word STAGED all over it. 😉

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