American Idol, Season 10: Top 13 Results – “Can you do the Dougie?”

American Idol, Season 10: Top 13 Results – “Can you do the Dougie?”

Thursday night must mean its time to crush someone dreams on American Idol and send them home.  It’s another three weeks until you make the summer tour, so there was a lot on the line with the first elimination show for the top 13.  Over 30 million votes were cast – a pretty good number for this early in the competition.  Looks like the level of talent and new judges are working well for the public so far.

Unlike the last time they had a top 13 (season 8), only one person was in danger of going home, instead of two.  In danger, because the “Judge’s Save” was announced again for this year.  At some point between now and the top 4, the judges can save someone from elimination.  It makes for a great moment, but I’m not sure it will change the course of the show.  (You may recall that Michael Lynche was saved last year.  Last time I checked, he still didn’t win.)

With a helpful introduction from the Ripley’s announcer, the judges took to the stage and the show was off and running.  Is it just me, or did Steven look like he had a little bit of a hitch in his step coming out?  We got to see a little of the contestants in their house for the first time in many seasons (Ashthon decided to jump on the bed like a 4 year-old), and then the action started.  Who got eliminated?  Read on and see…

  • Ryan announced that Casey Abrams was back in the hospital.  Sounds like it was the same intestinal problem that put him in the hospital last week.  Let’s all hope he has a speedy recovery.
  • Oh boy – time for one of the patented “Group” numbers.  These are by far my least favorite moments of the entire season.  This week we were treated to a medley of Michael Jackson songs.  Last time I checked this was a singing competition – but they still insist on have the contestants lip synch (Jacob – you may sing great, but your lip-synching skills are sorely lacking).  I felt embarrassed for all of them.
  • The Ford commercial featured “The World”.  Huh??  What a boring song – but then again, it’s a Ford commercial – it’s not exactly the height of art.
  • Next up was a plug for the new movie “Red Riding Hood”.  They went to the premiere, they saw some celebrities, and Alaina got to hold Shiloh Fernandez’s hand.  Yeah!
  • Jacob, Karen, and Stefano were the first three contestants called up to face Ryan.  Jacob was hard on himself, mouthing “I messed up” while Ryan was going over the judges comments.  Karen again blamed her poor performance on technical difficulties.  Stefano seemed the most at ease and thankful for having been given a wildcard slot.  Jacob and Stefano were safe – Karen was not.  So far so good America.
  • Next up was Adam Lambert performing an unplugged version of “Aftermath”.  He looked and sounded great (looking more like a young Kurt Russell than ever), and showcased the ability to harness the power of his voice and direct it towards the heart of a song.  (Nice to see he still can’t hit the really high notes without sticking his tongue out.)  During the chat with Adam after the song, Ryan asked if he knew how to “Dougie”.  Neither my wife nor I had any idea how to “Dougie”.  We are so not cool.
  • Lauren, Ashthon, and Hailey were the next three called to the center of the stage.  When asked how she felt about the harsh judges comments, Alaina said – “You know, it kind of sucked”.  At least she was honest.  Ryan didn’t even slow play it – he told her she was safe, and you could immediately see the tears spring out of her eyes.  Ashthon was sporting a Sanjaya mohawk (not the best karma, when coupled with her poor song choice).  Hailey had absolutely no idea what they judges were trying to tell her.  Shocking.  Ashthon was sent to the bottom in three.  In one of the best moments of the night, as Hailey was going to comfort Ashthon, Ryan let her know she was also in the bottom three.  Everyone else was safe, and seemingly too shocked to even celebrate.  I have to say America – you got the bottom three right this week.
  • Diddy Dirty Money was up next.  So was my Tivo’s fast forward button.  I wonder if Jennifer was looking for her fast forward button as well.
  • With very little suspense, Ryan announced that Ashthon was the one going home.  When given the choice of what to sing for the judges, she chose to sing the same Diana Ross song that got her voted out – and that folks (along with her uninspiring voice) is why she was voted out.  If it wasn’t good enough the night before, 24 hours was probably not going to make that much of a difference.  The judges, wisely, chose not to save her for a second week in a row.
  • The exit song this year is “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by David Cook.  Glad to see they’re giving David some love.

So, we bid farewell to Ahsthon.  I really hope she enjoyed her week in the house and on the stage – it was probably more than she deserved.  America won’t be denied – they tried to eliminate her last week, but had to finish the job this week.  Where will her fans go now?  My guess is, all seven of them will probably vote for Pia next week.  The good news is – I can now unfollow her on Twitter.

Thanks to my Tivo, I have no idea what next week’s theme is.  I guess I’ll just have to tune in on Wednesday and find out.  Hopefully you’ll tune in on Thursday morning and see what I thought of the show.  Will another wildcard choice face the axe, or will America change its mind and vote out one of the top 10?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Until then – Word Zombie out.

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