American Idol, Season 10: Top 8 Results – “Thank you for whipping that out on us.”

American Idol, Season 10: Top 8 Results – “Thank you for whipping that out on us.”

Thursday night, sometime after 8:00PM, with the TiVo humming could only mean one thing – time for the America Idol elimination show.  After last night’s jaunt through songs from the movies, the top 8 was slated to become the top 7.  Were there any shocking results?  Would we see the sixth consecutive girl eliminated from the competition?  Would there be any professional wrestlers onstage?  All those questions and more were answered in just over 60 minutes.

Before I dive into the show, I have to share a few random observations:  Was Jennifer really wearing a dress that included curtain tiebacks as shoulder straps?  Best sign in the audience – “Bring Back Pia”.  Sign that most needed to be fact checked – “Steven is the Most Beautiful Man in the World”.  Uh….no.  The one thing that made tonight miles better than last night?  No in the house.

  • Once again, the producers decided to forego a large group number in favor of smaller group performances.  It was a good decision and made the hour much more tolerable.  Scotty and Alaina were up first with their version of “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum.  They sounded incredible together, but I again had to close my eyes in order to enjoy the performance.  Scotty’s eyebrows were dancing around like two drunken caterpillars trying to fight their way out of a tequila bottle.  When put next to the understated class that was Lauren, it was way over the top.
  • This week was the best Ford video ever.  Why?  It included zombies.  Even the incredibly bad song choice for the spot couldn’t ruin the goodness that was the debut of American Idol zombies.  James seemed like a natural – I like him more and more each week.  A question: they mentioned that the molds for the zombies were made two weeks ago.  Does that mean there are Pia, Naima, and Thia masks floating around out there without a face to call home?  How sad.
  • Casey was stuck performing with Hailey.  They did a jazz number called “Moanin’” that wanted to be amazing, but just didn’t quite make it for me.  Hailey was evidently method acting – wearing her best flapper dress and hairdo (I half expected her to be selling cigarettes to the audience from a tray during the break.)  Casey came perilously close to corny during the song and they even managed to throw down with a “scat war”.  I just didn’t dig it, daddy-o.  At one point you could actually see Casey losing the artist credibility he established last night like a butter sculpture of Andy Kaufman melting in the heat of a summer day.
  • Scotty, Lauren, Casey, and Hailey were the first to perform and the first to be called to the center of the stage.  Scotty (and his dancing eyebrows) was quickly pronounced safe – as were Lauren and Casey.  Thankfully, Hailey was sent to the stools.  All was right in the world.
  • Last week Russell Brand stopped by Idol, this week it was Rob Reiner.  Not exactly an upgrade.  I must give James props for throwing out a “Spinal Tap” quote.  Well played.
  • Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean were on hand to perform their hit, “Don’t You Wanna Stay”.  If Jason pulled his hat down any further, he wouldn’t have been able to get the mic to his mouth.  Kelly sounded as good as ever, reminding me why she destroyed the competition in season 1.  It was great to see her back on the Idol stage, but hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that first season.
  • Casey, Paul, Stefano, and Jacob performed together next.  They started with “The Sounds of Silence” and ended with “Mrs. Robinson”.  The first part of the medley was weak and boring.  Much like last week, I really wanted to like it – I just couldn’t.  Once they hit “Mrs. Robinson” things went much better.  Still – Jacob looked hopelessly out of place and Stefano was completely lost in the mix.  Let’s hope there’s not a boy’s quartet performing again next week – let them shake it up a bit.  (Hey, look in the audience – it’s Pia and Didi Benami.)
  • All four guys were up with Ryan next at center stage.  Two were safe and two were in the bottom three with Hailey.  Would we have a giant shocker again this week?  James was safe (and evidently his nephew was in the audience and thrilled about it.) Stefano was then sent to the stools, along with Paul.   Jacob was safe.  I can’t say that I was terribly shocked – I called two of the three last night.  My first thought was – “Paul might be in trouble here.”
  • More celebrities – Chaka Kahn and Anita Baker.  I hope Randy was able to control himself.
  • Rhianna performed her new single after the break.  She sounded okay I suppose (I’m not a big fan), but the back up dancers in the curtains/diapers costumes were a little distracting.  Very Cirque de Sole.  No worries – that’s what the fast forward button is for.  BUT WAIT!  Just as I hit the button, out walked Nuno Bettencourt on guitar.  I’m huge fan of Nuno from his days in Extreme.  It was nice to see him, and I stopped to enjoy his solo – then I hit the fast forward button again.
  • Last celebrity sighting of the night – Mary Hart.  I hope she enjoyed the entertainment tonight.  Get it?  “Entertainment Tonight”?  Get it?  Look – cut me some slack.  I was already being generous in adding her to the “celebrity” sightings…
  • At long last it was time for the moment of truth.  Hailey was safe.  Bad call America.  Bad, bad call.  Instead, the first guy to leave Idol this year was…Paul.  I was very disappointed, but I can’t say I was shocked.  I really like Paul a lot, but I don’t know that he every really fit on the show.  To his credit, and at Jennifer’s request, he went out on a high note with “Maggie May”.

And that was the show.  My wife summed up the night perfectly – “He was never going to win, but I’ll miss him.”  True.  I wish Paul the best.  I can only hope Idol gave him enough exposure to introduce he and his band (The Grand Magnolias – check them out on iTunes), to a much wider audience.

Next week, the newly minted top 7 tackle “Songs of the 21st Century”.  (Really?  Perhaps the next week we will have “Songs written on a Weekday”.) Then on Thursday we will be treated to the premiere of David Cook’s new single – “The Last Goodbye”.  Will we finally see the end of Hailey’s ridiculous run of good luck?  Will Scotty be able to control his eyebrows?  What genre will Casey attempt next?  We’ll all find out together next Wednesday.  Until then – Word Zombie out.

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