Star Wars + Zombies = Coolness

Star Wars + Zombies = Coolness

I may very well have found the coolest movie posters on the face of the earth.  Posters so ingenious, so original, so inspired, I almost can’t believe they’re real.  These are the posters I’ve been waiting for almost my entire adult life.  What are they?  Simple – they are a fusion of two of my favorite things:  “Star Wars” and zombies.  The only problem is, now that I have them, my wife won’t let me hang them up in the house.

I’ve been a huge “Star Wars” fan for as long as I can remember.  My earliest memories of first grade include bringing “Star Wars” figures to school and having battles with my friends on the playground.  As I grew older, I began to collect “Star Wars” posters.  Original posters from the releases of each movie in each trilogy, international releases, alternate one-sheets, teaser posters – I even have an original “Revenge of the Jedi” poster (released before Lucas change ‘Revenge’ to ‘Return’).  I thought I had the best “Star Wars” posters I could find.  Then I heard about a series of Star Wars zombie posters from artist Matt Busch and that all changed.

Matt Busch is an artist who has done work for movie posters, comic books, books, television shows, movie production, games – you name it (he’s also a filmmaker, musician, writer – he’s a pretty creative guy).  Over the years he’s also done a lot of work in the “Star Wars” universe, from book covers to trading cards to posters.   (One interesting note – a few years ago, I ordered a “Revenge of the Sith” circus style poster from  When I got it, I found I had received one of the randomly released posters autographed by Matt Busch.  Super cool.)

In 2009, Lucasfilm asked Matt to create images to use during their campaign around the release of “Death Troopers” – a zombie novel set in the “Star Wars” universe.  Matt decided to take the original posters for each film and reimagine them with zombies.  Each of them stayed true to the style and feel of the original posters while layering in a healthy dose of the undead.  With titles like “Zombie Wars: A New Epidemic”, “The Living Dead Strike Back”, “Return From The Grave”, “Episode I: The Zombie Menace”, “Episode II: Attack Of The Undead”, and “Episode III: Revenge of the Zombies” – these posters can best be described with one word:  brilliant.

Not content to stop there, Matt ultimately decided to produce and sell these posters, along with other reimagined Hollywood classics.  “Beauty and the Feast”, “Deadward Scissorhands”, Breakfast is Tiffany”, Gnaws” – the list goes on.  (My personal favorite, outside of the “Star Wars” titles is “The Princess Died”.  It’s a subtle but incredibly effective play on the original “Princess Bride” artwork.)  You can purchase all of the posters in the series at  While you’re there, you can also find a link to purchase original artwork from the posters directly from Matt.

Whether you are a movie fan, or a zombie fan – or a fan of both, like me – you owe it to yourself to go check out what Matt has done with these iconic poster images.  He’s managed to both pay homage to the originals and still drench them in blood and gore in a way that makes them completely his own.  I dare you to take a look at zombie Han Solo unleashing a red torrent of partially digested Imperial sympathizers onto the upturned lips of Princess Leia on the “The Living Dead Strike Back” poster, and tell me it doesn’t warm your heart.

Now if I could just convince my wife to let me hang them up somewhere…

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