American Idol, Season 10: Top Seven Results – “Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing, Bada-Bang.”

American Idol, Season 10: Top Seven Results – “Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing, Bada-Bang.”

With only five weeks to go until the finale, Idol is quickly coming to the home stretch.  After tonight, we find ourselves with only six of the original top thirteen still standing.  It’s been a long day for me and I had an itchy finger for the TiVo tonight, so what say we just dive right in to the fun.  Shall we?

  • Lauren, Hailey, Stefano, and Jacob were the first group to perform with “Hey Soul Sister” from Train.  Jacob seemed to have his flamboyant dance steps turned up to eleven – it was more than a little distracting.  The whole tune was a lackluster performance across the board – filled with far too much unison singing, and not nearly enough texture or excitement.  It all became a rather pabulum mush of mediocrity.  What a waste of a good song.  At least Lauren wasn’t stuck singing with Scotty for the third week in a row.  I really wished Ryan would just send Lauren to safety, the other three to the stools, and leave us with 52 minutes to hear from David Cook.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  (If you want to see a really good cover of “Hey Soul Sister”, check out Street Corner Symphony’s version below from “The Sing-Off”.  That’s how you cover a song and make it your own.)

  • The Ford commercial this week was “World” by somebody or another.  I’m not really sure what it was about, as it put me into a mild coma for a few moments.  There was something about a desert, roping a cloud, and making a stream in front of a mountain.  Casey’s “please shoot me now” look at the end of the video said it all.  I would have rather heard another song from the bottom six.
  • Casey, Scotty, and James did “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.  It was as painful as the first group number, with Scotty looked about as comfortable as tits on a bull.  A brief message to Robin something-something, who choreographed the whole thing – Grover Cleveland Elementary School called and they want their dance moves back.  All I can say is – I was embarrassed for James and Casey.
  • Scotty now has a cupcake named after him in his hometown of Garner.  I guess cheese dip already had a name.
  • The first round of results saw Ryan ask Casey and Jacob to stand up at the couches.   Ryan once again gave Jacob the opportunity to make excuses for the music malfunction last night.  Boo-hoo.  Casey was safe, and Jacob was in the bottom three.  Can’t argue with that America (but obviously, none of you love your fathers…)
  • After the break, David Cook (Idol’s resident “word nerd”), debuted his new single, “The Last Goodbye”.  It was great to see my favorite Idol named David back on the stage.  It was a good song, but David seemed a little off with the live performance.  It took him a while to find the key when it first started, and it had a few rough patches with the harmonies throughout.  (His live performance of “Permanent” from the finale two years ago is still his best live performance.)  Still, it was a classic David Cook song and I can’t wait to hear the full album in June.  Props to David’s mom for giving him the rock and roll devil sign after hugging Steven Tyler.  Now I see where he gets his cool.
  • This week, the Idols went to a Dodgers game.  Scotty McCreery acted like a goober.  The Idol’s went bowling.  Scotty got beat.  The Idols went to a spa.  Scotty got his nails done.
  • Lauren, James, and Stefano were next up to face Ryan.  Stefano was quickly sent to join Jacob on the stools.  Both Lauren and James were safe.  Again – can’t argue with that America.  Immediately Ryan called Hailey and Scotty down to the stage.  Hailey got a good reception from the audience, but it proved to be short lived.  She was sent to the stools.  That proved to be short lived as well, when Ryan sent her right back to the couches.  Come on America – really?  I’m disappointed (although I will say – I called it last night.)
  • The next performance was “E.T.” from Katy Perry. Evidently she went shopping in the Black-Eyed Peas wardrobe closet after the Superbowl.  I have no respect for someone who comes on Idol and lip-syncs her performance.  Ryan told us this song was dominating the airwaves right now.  Really?  That truly makes me sad.  Where are Milli Vanilli when you need them?
  • One more commercial break and it was time to send someone home.  Everyone seemed to think Jacob had hit the end of the road, but with a dramatic dimming of the lights – Ryan sent Stefano home.  He took it really well (much better than James, in fact.)  He was anxious to take the stage and sing – and he sang himself out with style.

And that was it.  I have to say, it was one of the weaker results shows of the season so far – but Stefano ended it on a high note. You could tell when James grabbed him and swung him around at the end of his song, it was a genuine moment.  Will Stefano go on to success in the music business?  Time will tell.  If success is based on good attitude, good looks, and a good voice – he will be fine.  Somewhere out there, Chandler is shedding a tear.

Next week the Idols will be singing the songs of Carole King (completely undermining my contention last night that the producers are staying away from pitfall themes).  What will they all sing, and who will make it to the top five?  Tune in next week to find out.  Until then – Word Zombie out.

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