Pre-order your Maelstrom Books limited edition sets this weekend

Pre-order your Maelstrom Books limited edition sets this weekend

If you didn’t get a chance to order the inaugural offering from Maelstrom Books, your chance to order the second set of releases is fast approaching.  The next set of three signed and numbered books will be available for pre-order this Sunday, June 19th.

If you haven’t heard of Maelstrom Books, you can get the full scoop from Brian Keene’s website here.  In a nutshell, each set consists of three books – one novel length work from Brian Keene, one novella from Brian Keene, and one full-length novel from an auther of Keene’s choosing.  Each book is signed and numbered, with the entire release limited to 260 sets for wave one, and now 300 sets for wave two.

The first wave gave us a collectible version of Keene’s “A Gathering Crows”, a new novella set in the Rising universe, “The Rising: Deliverance” and the phenomenal debut novel “Six Days” from Kelli Owen.  (You can read my review of “Six Days” here.)

For wave two, Keene has contributed the novel length collection “A Conspiracy of One”, the novella “Alone”, and “Once Upon A Time In Midnight” by John Urbancik.  You can read more about each book and find out about the pre-order here.

No matter who you are – a Brian Keene fan, a horror fan, a book collector – do yourself a favor and pre-order the second set of releases from Maelstrom Books. You won’t be disappointed, unless you decide to wait until Monday and find they are already sold-out.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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