What haven’t I written anything in almost a month??

What haven’t I written anything in almost a month??

First, let me apologize to everyone.  It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything new here at The Word Zombie.  When I sat down, looked at the site and realized how long it had been, I was shocked.  And saddened.  I’ve poured myself into this site over the last year and a half.  The last thing I want to do now is to let it languish.  I still have a lot to say (that will come as a shock to no one who knows me), and a lot to share.  So why the long delay?  Let me explain.


Two things have conspired to keep me away from the keyboard over the last month.  They are both good in their own right, but not so good for the flow of content to The Word Zombie.  The first has to do with my job.


Last week, I accepted a new position at work.  After starting there 18 years ago as an unpaid intern, I’ve just been promoted to the head of sales for the US and Canada.  It’s been a long and exciting journey, but the new job will require that I relocate my family to Los Angeles.


That wasn’t a decision or decision making process my wife and I took lightly.  Both of my children are now in school.  Having myself lived in the same house from the day I started kindergarten until a few months after I graduate college, having my kids deal with changing schools again was not something I looked forward to.  Add to that the pressure of finding good schools in LA and it made for a lot of late night discussions.


We’re not new to relocation – we’ve done three times before.  Still, it’s stressful.  There is a lot you have to do.  Some things go well and some things don’t.  Selling a house is never fun, even in a good economy and housing market.  I’m not sure if you’ve read the news lately – we don’t have either right now.


That being said, the job is a great opportunity both for my family and I.  It’s something I really wanted to do, and to her credit, my wife supported me – just as she’s always done.  So, we made the decision to take the job and relocate.  It was announced last week and now the wheels have all been set in motion for a move.


During all the conversations over the past few weeks, all the late nights doing research on the internet, and all the pitches to my kids on how cool California is – I found it hard to focus on writing.  It was hard to find the time and, quite frankly, I gave myself permission to let the blog slip while we where making our decision.  Right or wrong – that was the choice I made.  Now, however, everything has been decided and I can’t give myself a free pass any longer.  I need to write.  So, here I am – writing about why I haven’t been writing.  Ironic much?


The second reason I haven’t written much has to do with what I’ve been reading.  I have a few reviews I need to catch up on, but about 5 weeks ago I dove headlong into a tremendous series of books and haven’t been able to put them down. I’ve literally been finishing one book and picking up the next in the series within minutes.  I’ve been so consumed with reading them; I haven’t even begun to think about how to review them.  I wanted to finish the series first.


What are the books you ask?  They are the Repairman Jack novels and the Adversary Cycle novels by F. Paul Wilson.  Between both series there are 21 books, telling the “secret history of the world”.  The final Repairman Jack novel was published in October and a revised version of the last book in the Adversary Cycle is due to be published early next year.  When I get finished with the last Repairman Jack book I’ll share all my thoughts on the entire Repairman Jack series.  Next year, I’ll recap the Adversary Cycle after “Nightworld” is published again.  I promise.


I’ll have a lot of time on airplanes in the coming months – time I plan to spend reading, writing, and also sleeping.  As I said, I still have a lot to say.  I’ll have new content up more regularly over the coming weeks.  In fact, to get things back on track, my daughter has graciously agreed to provide reviews for two books she’s recently enjoyed.  (She’s just learning to read and is excited to be joining the blogosphere.)  They’ll be posted by the end of the week.


Again, let me apologize for the sorry state of the blog over the past month.  I don’t take a single reader of The Word Zombie for granted.  You are gracious enough to spend a small portion of your day here with me; I owe you a small portion of my day spent writing in return.  Thank you all for your patience and your understanding.  Talk to you soon.   

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  1. Mitchel, congrats on the move and welcome to crazy CA!! I hope this means we get to see you guys at one of our shows down south sometime 😉 Happy new year and love from DPA!!

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