In case you haven’t heard, “Star Wars: Episode 1” is being released in theaters in 3D on February 10th.  A few facts to note:


1. I am a huge Star Wars fan.

2. Seeing movies on the big screen is almost always better than watching them at home.

3. 3D can be very cool if done correctly.  ILM usually does things correctly.

4. Notwithstanding point #3 above, I fully expect Jar-Jar to be even MORE annoying in 3D.

5.  My son has never seen the Star Wars films in the theater.  We will now be able to rectify that situation.

 6.  I’ll now have even more Star Wars posters to hang in the house.  My wife will LOVE that.


Speaking of posters, Lucasfilm has posted five new posters for the 3D release of Episode One.  Check them out after the jump…


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