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American Idol, Season 10: Top 3 Performance – “I missed my key change. Dang.”

American Idol, Season 10: Top 3 Performance – “I missed my key change. Dang.”

Only one more week until we crown this year’s American Idol.  Last night saw the top three put in their last performances for America in a bid to secure one of the top two slots.  Each contestant performed three songs (making for a 2 hour show again…) – one of their choosing, one chosen from them by Jimmy Iovine, and one selected by the judges.   There were some interesting selections, but nothing really blew me away.

This week’s “mentor” was Beyoncé.  I say “mentor” because Hailey let slip in her time with Beyoncé that the sessions with her were actually filmed earlier that day.  By that time, I’m pretty sure the performances were pretty well baked.  I don’t think Beyoncé had that much to add.  That being said, it was still a good excuse for her to premiere her new music video and appear on the live show.  Hooray for Beyoncé.

Before we get started, a few random observations about people in the crowd and the show in general:

  • Congratulations “Fuzzy Gray Dog Costume Guy” – you got yourself on camera.  Unfortunately, all of your frat brothers are now going to call you Spot and ask you to lick yourself at parties.
  • Was that Didi Benami standing next to “Fuzzy Gray Dog Costume Guy”?  Sure looked like it.  More on Didi later.
  • How sad is it that one girl in the audience held up a sign that said – “Thank You Ford”?
  • Looks like James had a pretty good crowd at his homecoming this weekend.  I still think you screwed the pooch last week, America.
  • Lots of Hailey signs in the audience.  I sense a disturbance growing in the Force.
  • Was that Lisa Marie Presley in the audience, or just some woman with an uncomfortable amount of plastic surgery in her past?
  • Beyoncé has sold 75MM albums?  Really?  She premiered her new video on the show.  From what I could tell during my TiVo’s fast forward, it was some sort of Mad Max affair with dancing.
  • Neil Sedaka was in the audience with Jimmy Iovine.  He’s still alive?  Who knew?

Not that’s out of the way; let’s see how the remaining three contestants fared…

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