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American Idol, Season 10: Top 9 Results – “A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable.”

I’m just going to get it out of the way up front – tonight was shocking.  Very shocking.  Almost as shocking as Casey being voted out and then being saved by the judges.  The difference?  There was no judges’ save tonight.  The last person left standing with Ryan was out of the competition, and heading home.  Who was it?  Were the bottom three the right ones?  How did Constantine sound?  All these questions answered, and more – after the break.


“Rock of Ages” rocks the Pantages

The Sunset Strip in Hollywood was the epicenter of metal music in the ‘80’s.  Heavy Metal, Glam Metal, Hair Metal – whatever your flavor, the music had it’s roots in the clubs of Southern California.  In 2006, a show about the love, the dreams, and the excesses of the Sunset Strip club scene debuted in LA – “Rock of Ages”.  It opened off Broadway in 2008, then on Broadway in 2009 – scoring five Tony nominations, including Best Musical.  “Rock of Ages” is now on tour and last week, made it’s triumphant return to the city that gave it birth.

“Rock of Ages” is a delicious blend of hedonism and heart.  It does not shy away from the excesses or clichés of ‘80s metal, but it also understands the genesis and appeal of that music.  At its core, the music has always been about having fun; about being in, or falling out of, love.  The music was rarely intentional social commentary; rather it was commentary by virtue of its very existence.  It was uncomplicated.  Is that a naive view? Perhaps – but I lived those years and, in hindsight, my experience was one of fun first.  It’s the same experience you get from “Rock of Ages”.


My interview with MiG Ayesa: From “Rockstar” to “Rock of Ages” star

Most people were introduced to MiG Ayesa six years ago on the show “Rockstar:INXS”.  An accomplished performer with a strong, clear rock voice; MiG exuded both a calm confidence and an electric stage presence during the show.  While he could command the stage with a manic, almost reckless abandon; MiG still managed melt hearts and turn in one of the best performances of the season with his restrained and nuanced piano rendition of “Baby I Love Your Way”.  It was that performance that made me a MiG fan.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Australia, MiG started his music career long before he appeared on “Rockstar:INXS”.  He worked on both the stage and in TV in Australia, before moving to London in 2001 to pursue his dream of being a recording artist.  While in London he appeared in “Rent” and played the lead in “We Will Rock You”.  It was that show he left to take a shot at “Rockstar:INXS”

If you haven’t kept up with MiG since “Rockstar:INXS”, you’ve missed a lot.  He was signed to Decca/Universal and released his debut album, the eponymous “MiG”, in 2007.  After a stint in Los Angeles, he and his wife decided to move to New York.  MiG toured with the international company of “We Will Rock You”, appeared in “Handel’s Messiah Rocks” and made his Broadway debut last year in “Burn The Floor”.

These days, MiG is busy with the national touring company of “Rock of Ages” playing the part of Arsenal front man Stacee Jax.  I had a chance to talk with him last week.  We had a great conversation, covering everything from the tour, his upcoming album, the inspiration for his characterization of Stacee, his plans for the future, zombies, and some of the things you just can’t do on Skype.

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