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“There’s got to be an ending” – Farewell to Phil Harris

“There’s got to be an ending” – Farewell to Phil Harris

“Got to get the end, the end to the story – there’s got to be an ending”

Phil Harris to Todd Stanley

On this week’s “After the Catch”, cameraman Todd Stanley told us about his final days with Phil Harris, and Phil’s request that he film those days in the hospital.  Todd relayed the story of spending hours upon hours in the wheelhouse with Phil, explaining to him that every good story had to have a beginning, and middle, and an end.  When Phil awoke in the hospital, he called Todd to his side and made it clear that he wanted him to film this journey.  He told Todd that there had to be an ending to the story.  This week on “Deadliest Catch” we were privilege to bear witness to that ending – the ending of the story of Phil Harris; father, friend, and fisherman.

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