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“It’s a small world”? Maybe a little too small sometimes…

“It’s a small world”? Maybe a little too small sometimes…

There was a recent story that made the internet rounds about a married couple who discovered that they had been visiting Disneyland as children, at the same time – 15 years before they met each other.  In an old family photo, the woman (as a young girl) can been seen posing for a picture with one of the Disney characters.  In the background, her future father-in-law can be seen pushing her future husband along in a stroller.  The couple didn’t discover the mind-blowing coincidence until they were going through old family photos, in preparation for their wedding.

Voutsinas family photo

It was a touching story, and it got me to thinking.  My wife and I also shared a similar, if unphotographed, almost rendezvous.  When going through concert tickets while we were dating we found that, when we were both in high school, we sat in the same section for a Poison concert.  What if we had met each other then?  Did we perhaps see each other?  If so, was she impressed with the height I was able to get out of my hair with a bottle of Aquanet?

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