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Remembering My Grandfather

The phone rang at 6:02 on Tuesday morning.  Before I could even open my eyes I thought, “It’s not good news”.  It’s never good news when the phone rings that early in the morning. As I struggled to come fully awake, I heard my Mom’s voice telling me my grandfather had passed away.  He had lost his battle with liver cancer.  They say, sometimes, when you know it’s coming, bad news like this is easier to hear and process.  They’re wrong.


My grandfather was Kenneth Bailey, although he was always Papa (“pa-paw”) to me.  He was born in 1928 and lived his entire life in Buford, Ga.  He was married to my grandmother (Mema) for 61 years.  He has two daughters, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.  And while all of those things are true, they really don’t get to the heart of the man that Papa was.



One Second

How long does it take to change the world?  It’s a question that men have been asking themselves since the beginning of time.  Can it be measured in the millennia of continental shift and upheaval?  Can it be measured in the centuries of rising and falling Empires?  Can it be measured in the decades of one man’s influence on world affairs?  No – the answer to the question is far shorter.  One second.  Not that long even, when you really get down to it.  One second is all that marks the space between “before” and “after”.  Before a child dies, and after.

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