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My interview with Kelli Owen – author of “The Neighborhood”

 This year I’ve had the fortune of discovering the writing of Kelli Owen.  In my review of her debut novel “Six Days” I called it “a claustrophobic cocktail of unease and uncertainty” that I found to be “refreshing in a very Chianti and fava beans sort of way.”  Recently, I had the chance to review her new novella, “The Neighborhood”, and found even more to like.  In that review, I said:

The comfortable and effortless style Owen imbues in her prose, her ability to make the ordinary both familiar and frightening, and the sensibility she brings to her storytelling are all reminiscent of “It” and Stephen King at his best.  The ability to instantly connect me to a new world in a single sentence that first made me a King fan then, is the same thing that’s made me a Kelli Owen fan today.

Having made such an impression on me, I really wanted to pick Kelli’s brain a bit and see what makes her tick.  She was kind enough to take time out of her day to answer a few questions recently. 


Review – “Six Days” by Kelli Owen

Longtime readers will know that I am a big fan of Brian Keene.  Recently, he offered a limited set of signed editions through Maelstrom, his new imprint at Thunderstorm Books.  I, of course, ordered them and was excited to receive my shipment earlier this month.  As a bonus, the package also included a signed, numbered edition of the Kelli Owen’s debut novel – “Six Days”.  Not being familiar with Owen’s work, I had no idea how much of a bonus the book would end up being.

“Six Days” opens with Jenny Schultz opening her eyes to complete darkness.  She has no idea where she is, why she is there, or what is happening.  Alone in the dark, it takes her a moment to realize that she’s not blind and she’s not still asleep.  After a bit of exploration, Jenny finds that she is in some sort of cellar – then comes to an inescapable conclusion; she has been abducted.

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