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My Interview with “Feed” author – Mira Grant

My Interview with “Feed” author – Mira Grant


If you read my review of “Feed” (and I hope you did), you know that it is one of the better zombie novels to come down the pike in a while.  Written by Mira Grant (an open pseudonym used by author Seanan McGuire),  “Feed” is the first book in a planned series – “The Newsflesh Trilogy”.  Set in a world 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, it’s a wonderful examination of how society survives the zombie plague, and what the difference is between learning to live instead of trying not to die.  (Seriously – if you haven’t read my review, go check it out – I’ll wait).

On her website, Grant describes herself as having “made a lifelong study of horror movies, horrible viruses, and the inevitable threat of the living dead”.  It’s no wonder that “Feed” was such a good read.  I recently had a chance to chat with Mira about some of her experiences writing the book, the role of zombies in literature, and her preferred method for dispatching an unruly zombie hoard.

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