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Review – “The Broken Record” by Corey Smith

Review – “The Broken Record” by Corey Smith

“The Broken Record” represents the next step in the evolution of Corey Smith that began with “Keeping Up with the Joneses”.  Like all of us, Smith has grown; he’s matured both as a person and as an artist.  Here, through a mix of new songs and reimagined tracks from previous albums, we are invited on a tour of the journey from where he started to where he finds himself today. It’s an arc that will generate knowing nods from anyone grappling with a moment of reflection in their life.  It’s also a damn good record.


This album has a different sound from much of what Corey has done in the past.  More robust, more polished, and more lush; it’s a record made with an ear towards a broader audience.  It’s not the same Corey Smith you heard on “Undertones” – but it’s still Corey Smith.    It’s that growth that may catch some longtime fans by surprise, and an issue that he addresses head-on with the intro to the album:


A man on the edge, I can’t take anymore

Here’s the broken record you’ve been askin’ for.

Over and over, I feel kinda strange,

Nothin’s different here, but everything’s changed…

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Corey Smith, “The Broken Record” Webisodes Part 1 – Grandma

Corey Smith, “The Broken Record” Webisodes Part 1 – Grandma

In support of his up coming album, “The Broken Record”, Corey Smith is releasing a series of webisodes.  The first one hit this weekend, and is entitled “Grandma”.  Learn a little about where Corey grew up, meet his grandma (who he lived with through high school”), and as she brings out pictures of him as a kid and tells him how she really wishes he were a teacher – be reminded just how awesome Southern grandmas really are.

The Broken Record” releases on June 21st.  You can pre-order an autographed copy of the CD here, as well as some cool merchandise.  If you not a Corey Smith fan – you should be!