About Me

About Me

I’m an avid reader and amateur writer (by which I mean I write for fun – not to feed my family).  A long time comic book collector,  political news junkie, and watcher of all things reality TV – I also still find time to hold down a day job.

This is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of ideas – ideas that can grab you, infect your consciousness, and change your perspective. It’s a blog founded on a belief in the power of words; how they can make you laugh, make you cry, perhaps even change your life.  It’s sarcastic, it’s thoughtful, it’s sometimes funny – but it’s always me.

Hopefully you will find something interesting or entertaining here. If I’m good, though, you’ll find an idea – a thought – something that will infect your mind, live on in your thoughts.  Something that will make you think.

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