Review Index

Review Index

Book Reviews

7 Deadly Scenarios – by Andrew F. Krepinevich

7 Events That Made America Great – by Larry Schweikart

20th Century Ghosts – by Joe Hill

30 Pieces of Silver – by Carolyn McCray

alt.punk – by Lavinia Ludlow

The Ark – by Boyd Morrison

The Athena Project – by Brad Thor

Atlas Shrugged – by Ayn Rand

Austin Nights – by herocious

Big Appetite – by Sam McLeod

Blockade Billy – by Stephen King

A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity – by Bill O’Reilly

Book Of Souls – by Glenn Cooper

The Breach – by Patrick Lee

Broke – by Glenn Beck

Crimes Against Liberty – by David Limbaugh

Courage and Consequence – by Karl Rove

Dark Delicacies 2 – edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb

Darkness On The Edge Of Town – by Brian Keene

Deadline – by Mira Grant

Entombed – by Brian Keene

Exponential Apocalypse – by Eirik Gumeny

Feed – by Mira Grant

Follow The Money – by Ross Cavins

Foreign Influence – by Brad Thor

Fragment – by Warren Fahy

Full Black – by Brad Thor

Full Dark, No Stars – by Stephen King

The Game – by Heather Killough-Walden

A Gathering Of Crows – by Brian Keene

The Great American Awakening – by Senator Jim DeMint

The Great Global Warming Blunder – by Roy W. Spencer

Go-Go Girls Of The Apocalypse – by Victor Bischler

Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill

Horns – by Joe Hill

Level 7 – by Mordecai Roshwald

Mockingjay – by Suzanne Collins

One Hit Wonder – by Charlie Carillo

Open – by Andre Agassi

The Passage – Justin Cronin

Planning to Live – by Heather Wardell

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – by Seth Grahame-Smith

The Quiet Road – by Annie Frame

The Raw Shark Texts – by Steven Hall

Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock – by Sammy Hagar

Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One – by Zav Chafets

Search – by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

Six Days – by Kelli Owen

The Sleep Of The Gods – by James Sperl

Star Wars: Death Troopers – by Joe Schreiber

The Survivor’s Club – by Ben Sherwood

The Target – by Ben Bowen

The Twelfth Imam – by Joel C. Rosenberg

Under Heaven – by Guy Gavriel Kay

The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses – by Ty Drago

The Walking Dead – by Robert Kirkman

The World Ends In Hickory Hollow – by Ardath Mayhar

Ysabel – by Guy Gavriel Kay

Music Reviews

3 – by Bo Bice

Black Ribbons – by Shooter Jennings and Hierophant

The Songs of Black Ribbons, Part 1 – by Shooter Jennings and Hierophant

The Songs of Black Ribbons, Part 2 – by Shooter Jennings and Hierophant

Bring the Light – by Dallas

The Broken Record – by Corey Smith

City Streets – by Deer Park Avenue

The Covering – by Stryper

Jason Castro – by Jason Castro

Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Tour – Los Angeles

Revelations – by Sons of Sylvia

Rock of Ages – New York

Rock of Ages – Los Angeles

Twenty One – by Corey Smith


Mig Ayesa – star of “Rock of Ages”

Bill Bowen – author of “The Target”

Ross Cavins – author of “Follow The Money”

Ty Drago – author of “The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses”

Mira Grant – author of “Feed”

Eirik Gumeny – author of “Exponential Apocalypse”

Lavinia Ludlow – author of “alt.punk”

Carolyn McCray – author of “30 Pieces of Silver”

Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens – authors of “Search”

Sarah and Stephanie Snyder – from Deer Park Avenue

Brad Thor – author of “The Athena Project”

Brad Thor – author of “Full Black”

Heather Wardell – author of “Planning To Live”

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